What we do

We want to contribute to the development of innovative solutions by providing patient capital and expertise to the innovative social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Long-term social changes are deeply transforming the state of society (aging population, migrations, etc.), increasing the demand for services and having new ones emerge.
At the same time, policy makers in several European countries are witnessing a reduction in available resources and are unable to meet emerging needs.

The situation requires an extraordinary investment in the production of social innovation in services and processes, new business models and use of technological innovation.
At the same time, in several countries of the world, some public and private organizations are trying to establish new ecosystems and new forms of innovative social entrepreneurship.

Impact Investingis growing steadily in the entire world. It refers to an investment activity in companies operating with the aim of generating a measurable and intentional social or environmental impact.

How do we contribute to the growth of the impact investing ecosystem?


We participate in the national and international debate spreading the culture of impact investing in Italy.


We provide patient capital to SMEs, start-ups and economically sustainable non-profit organizations that carry out activities with a social and environmental impact.


We support, through advisory services, the players in the field of innovative social entrepreneurship and impact investing.