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Tripmetoo is a web platform – that is also accessible to visually-impaired and dyslexic users – that enables travelers with specific needs – such as disabilities, special nutritional requirements, or family needs – to organize and choose “tailor made” tourist services. Furthermore, by using the application, operators can detect and transmit information to the marketplace regarding the accessibility and characteristics of the services on offer, making use of technical advice and continuous upgrades to increase the quality levels of such services.

The start-up operates through proprietary technology consisting of the RilevaMe (“DetectMe”) app and the Tripmetoo marketplace. The RilevaMe app is used by tour operators via smartphone and enables the gathering of information and details regarding the accessibility and usability of the tourist services they offer. The information and data collected is organized in a database and made available to users on the Tripmetoo marketplace where travelers, even those with specific needs (such as disabilities, special nutritional requirements, families with children, etc.), can self-evaluate the suitability of the tourist service for their own personal characteristics and needs, can purchase tourist services and experiences, and can enjoy their journey in total comfort and autonomy.

In 2018, Tripmetoo successfully took part in the Call For Impact of Get it! on Accessible Tourism and Enhancement of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. After achieving a path of acceleration and mentorship, it is among the first start-ups of Get it! to benefit from the investment of Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, the strategic and operational arm of the Cariplo Foundation for impact investing and the promoter of the program in partnership with Cariplo Factory.


Tripmetoo promotes tourist facilities and services that are designed, also, for those with specific needs – such as disabled people, families with elderly relatives and children, etc. – through a web platform that is accessible to all, including the visually-impaired and people with dyslexia.
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