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To date, Italian farmers discard about 30 to 70% of the harvest which does not meet the aesthetic standards required by the market. Think of the so-called "marked" products - not perfectly homogeneous - due to impacts caused by the wind, rubbing with other contiguous fruits or branches and hail, or those out of size (too large or too small) or with an irregular shape: conformations of the whole inevitable and natural during the life of a plant. By considering the unsustainability of such processes, Bella Dentro proposes to: put these products on the market by enhancing their quality and reducing excessive and sometimes unjustified waste - in one year it saved 26 tons of fruit and vegetables from the pulp; to guarantee the right compensation to producers who invest time and resources to create a good product - the "beautiful inside" product - but for which today 10% of the market value would be recognized (social criterion); donate all the unsold to charity; raise awareness on the issues of waste in the agri-food supply chain, sharing in particular their experience with elementary, middle and high school in order to increase the knowledge and awareness of the new generations regarding this issue.