Year of foundation
Social Enterprise
Head Office
Mondovì, Cuneo
Arts and culture


Investment of Fondazione Social Venture
0.2 MLN/€
Social impact
The projects to enhance the works generate a positive impact in terms of preserving the artistic heritage and development of the supply chain, affecting the creation of new jobs. Furthermore, Kalatà usually reaches an audience that is not very interested or not involved in the traditional use of cultural goods and activities. The visiting tours proposed by the company are unprecedented and inclusive: designed to allow universal access to cultural sites, without entry barriers. Taking into account the physical, motor and intellectual disabilities of some visitors, it proposes special visits in which the popularization component is accentuated, adopting simplified logical and linguistic canons. In addition, there are free moments of access or at a hyper-reduced price, reserved for target groups with serious economic difficulties. It should be added that, more often than not, thanks to the proceeds obtained, Kalatà supports local entities of the Third Sector identified in concert with the partners active in the area.