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Investment of Fondazione Social Venture
42.500 MILA/€
Social impact
As emerged from a series of tests carried out, Veinshow has an immediate positive impact on the psycho-physical well-being of children undergoing the first blood sampling: in fact, it reduces stress levels and improves the doctor-patient relationship, also in the future perspective. The device, however, can prove particularly effective in emergency situations, in which it is necessary to intervene promptly. Furthermore, from the data collected by the team working on the device, it has been found that every minute spent for the identification of a patient's venous network translates into additional costs for any National Health System: generally, in a medium-sized hospital 159 thousand hours of time for healthcare workers who could be used elsewhere and 53 thousand euros of materials (needles, sterile cannulas, patches, etc.) are wasted every month, which remain unusable and to be disposed of. The start-up can significantly affect the optimization of these processes, contributing to the reduction of related waste.