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Vivavoce - Medical Center promotes numerous free initiatives to raise awareness, dissemination and training on stuttering, on language and learning disorders, and on psychological distress, with the aim of dispelling false myths and facilitating the emergence of their social impact. Among these, Vivavoce Association, born in 2019, made up of former patients of the the Medial Center and chaired by Camillo Zottola, a former stutterer, with the main purpose of creating a "culture of the voice" starting from the theme of stuttering and promoting its spread . In Italy the phenomenon affects about 1 million people (1.7% of the population), of which 150,000 minors, with a higher incidence on the male sex. Specific Language Disorders, on the other hand, affect 570,000 children, while those related to Learning affect over 250,000. In the face of such a scenario, according to research carried out by the team of the Hands-free Medical Center, there are over 18 months of waiting in public facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders, which expose children on average 3 times more to risk bullying and lead to adults more likely (about 23% more than average) not to find work.