Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore


Advisory & Evaluation activities

We are constantly engaged in testing the best practices for measuring and monitoring social impact.

Financial advisory

The Foundation’s team has gained consolidated experience in the financial sector and has, over the last few years, gained significant expertise in the structuring of transactions that involve the Third Sector and, more generally, subjects operating in the social sector. These skills enable the Foundation to structure complex financial transactions and “impact” business models through M&A and Corporate Finance advisory activities.

Evaluation Lab Activity

The Foundation’s Evaluation Lab is made up of professionals with consolidated skills in strategic planning and in the measurement and monitoring of the social impact of companies, funds, institutions and organizations in the Third Sector.

Strategic planning

Analysis, research and advisory to support the strategic planning of foundations, funds, and third sector entities in the conception and management of programs, investments, and projects..
Target: Investors, Social Enterprises, Third Sector Entities

Strategic planning



  • Reporting: to produce detailed information on activities and results
  • Monitoring: to produce know-how on implementation
  • Estimation of the effects: to develop and disseminate know-how on effectiveness
Target: Investors, Social Enterprises, Third Sector Entities, Ideas and Start-ups
Training, research and dissemination activities

Capacity Building

• Training and capacity building for implementing bodies on the management of monitoring tools and the use of data
• Support for start-ups and companies in the development of impact generation models

The Observatory

Since 2006, the Evaluation Lab has produced a series of in-depth studies known as "The Observatory Notebooks" with the aim of disseminating the results of the research produced in support of the strategic planning of Fondazione Cariplo.

Our targets


Would you like to estimate the social impact of your investment activity?


Would you like to evaluate / monitor the social impact and sustainability of your business or your projects?



Are you looking for support in the strategic planning, evaluation or monitoring of the impact of your activities or projects?


Are you looking for support to develop a sustainable, innovative and high-impact business model?