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The investments we make are a reflection of our values: inclusion, sustainability and impact

7,9 MLN/€ invested

31 Realized investments



Agrorobotica is an innovative start-up that was created in June 2017, specializing in precision agriculture and farming management. It has


Alchemilla is a nonprofit social cooperative that was founded in 2015 as an innovative start-up with a social vocation, which


Artonauti is an editorial project born in 2016 and launched in March 2019. The company is mainly engaged in the

BASE (OXA Impresa Sociale)

OXA Impresa Sociale is the special purpose company that was set up by the Temporary Business Association (Accapiù Srl, Arci

Bella Dentro

Bella Dentro is an innovative start-up that was the brainchild of two entrepreneurs in Milan – Luca and Camilla: it


Beltmap was founded in 2018, the brainchild of Francesco Volpi, a 34-year-old engineer from Finale Ligure (SV) who works in


Biomadre S.r.l. is a company that has been active since 2015 in the artisan bakery sector, through a laboratory –

Casa dello Studente

Casa dello studente (CdS) was created by a social cooperative and a benefit company, with the aim of providing concrete


Centrica s.r.l. is a company born in Florence in 1999 from the experience of 3 engineers – Marco Cappellini, Paolo


eArs S.r.l. is a web-app targeted at visitors to art exhibitions that aims to bridge the gap between an overload


Ecomill is the Italian crowdinvesting platform that is dedicated to energy transition and sustainability. Through the platform, it is possible


In-Domus is a private company leading in the Student Housing sector in Milan, born in 2014 under the initiative of

Istituto De Filippi

The Istituto De Filippi, which was set up in May 2020 on the initiative of the Collegio De Filippi –


JoJolly has developed an innovative platform which promotes the use of occasional services in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector in a rapid,


Kalatà is a cultural enterprise which is revolutionizing the traditional models of enhancement and use of the Italian cultural heritage,

Kazaam Lab

Kazaam Lab is a start-up that has launched Kazaam eHealth Platform: a digital platform based on Big Data and Artificial


mOOve is the brainchild of 4 start-uppers from Milan. Its goal is to innovate the production chain of cycle paths


Movieday is the first and only application of a “Sharing and On Demand Economy” platform in the Italian film industry:

Music Innovation Hub

MIH – Music Innovation Hub – not only represents the first model with a social vocation for the music industry,


PerMicro is a financial intermediary whose mission is the financial inclusion of businesses and families – non-bankable subjects – through

Plasma TechMED

Plasma TechMED is an italian start-up born in 2021, which is powered by the ten-year experience of researchers from the


SharryLand was founded in 2017 in Padua as an S.r.l. and innovative start-up, and in 2020 it became a Benefit


Tripmetoo is a web platform – that is also accessible to visually-impaired and dyslexic users – that enables travelers with


Veinshow is a start-up that has developed a highly innovative medical device in the healthcare sector which, with its “child-friendly”

Vesti Solidale

Vesti Solidale is a type B Social Cooperative whose mission is the job placement of people with different types of


Vivavoce is a medical center that specializes in the treatment of stuttering and language-related disorders. It was initially started in


Werea S.r.l. is a start-up of Italian origin that created the collaborative platform AerariumChain (AEC). The AerariumChain (AEC) project was


WiMonitor started up in Rovereto in 2017, the brainchild of Agostino Losardo and Ferdinando Grossi, two young engineers who met


ZeroPerCento is the food market of the Namasté cooperative, which promotes the work placement of people who are long-term unemployed


A | Impact

a|impact – Avanzi Etica SICAF EUVECA SPA is an investment vehicle that supports the development and growth of innovative SMEs

Oltre Venture

Oltre Venture was the first Social Venture Capital fund in Italy. Oltre Venture aims to make investments that are able

Opes Italia

Opes Italia Sicaf EuVECA is an Impact Fund that was born from the experience of the OPES-LCEF Foundation, with the

Sefea Impact

SEFEA IMPACT is an asset management company that is dedicated to setting up and managing alternative investment funds, with the