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WiMonitor was born in Rovereto in 2017 from the idea of ​​Agostino Losardo and Ferdinando Grossi, two young engineers who met in Parma at the time of the research doctorate in Information Engineering and have since been engaged in various works on European projects. The start-up has developed WiMBedsand WiMHome, two highly innovative systems for monitoring domestic spaces and care facilities which, using non-invasive wireless sensors, are able to support the assistance service for the elderly and frail people, providing information on behavior via App and Web, without impacting on life of people. WiMHome warns relatives or guardians of the assisted person in case of emergency situations (from the danger of fire to flooding, from potential falls to abandonment of the home). WiMBeds allows you to check the status of beds within a care facility, receiving alerts on telephones and pagers, and allows you to customize all aspects relating to abandonment and non-return alarms, using a simple web interface.

From today WiMonitor can count on the support of Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore that has invested € 72,500 in equity in the start-up, after the acceleration of Como Next offered as part of the participation in Get it! and the mentorship path with Luigi Parlangeli.

Impatto sociale

WiMonitor was created to allow people in need of assistance, such as the elderly, to live longer in their homes, promoting the serenity of the assisted and caregivers and avoiding early recourse to health and assistance facilities, with a consequent reduction in expenditure for families and for the state. A growing need today more than ever in light of the health crisis triggered by the spread of Covid-19 and the new socio-demographic trends that highlight the urgent need to redesign services around self-sufficient elderly people, considering that: 900,000 elderly people in Italy need assistance domiciliary – of these, 780,000 need social and health assistance, 130k of social assistance and that in Lombardy alone there are 408,000 homes where elderly people live (about 35% in conditions of solitude), inside oversized houses (205,000 units) with poor accessibility.
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