Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore


AEPER (Animation, Education, Prevention and Reintegration) is a social cooperative founded in Bergamo in 1986. Its primary aim is to provide hospitality to people in conditions of hardship and marginalization, through educational, cultural and health activities aimed at rehabilitation and social reintegration and work of individuals in fragile situations. The cooperative is part of the AEPER Group, organizations involved in social issues such as the Nazareth community, the AEPER association, the La Pèta Società Agricola cooperative, the Casa di Case project and the Don Primo Bonassi Foundation. The Cooperative represents one of the main entities active in the socio-health and educational sector of the Bergamo province, working to make local communities more inclusive through awareness-raising projects and meetings with local groups.

AEPER is now supported by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore (or “FSVGDA”), which invested in the initiative as part of “Impact4Coop”: the program born from the synergy between FSVGDA and Fondazione Cariplo which implements 2.2MLN/€ to contribute to the capital strengthening and recovery of the cooperative sector, hard hit by the socio-economic effects generated by the pandemic.

Specifically, the investment operation was carried out, in a matching logic, following AEPER’s candidacy for the “Target 1” of the program (no longer active), aimed at Social Cooperatives that generate an impact in the reference territories of Fondazione Cariplo (Lombardy, provinces of Novara and Verbano Cusio Ossola) and who have resolved after 01/07/2021 and by 12/04/2022 a capital increase of an amount not exceeding €50,000.


The Cooperative declines its intervention, supporting projects and services, in five areas: minors and families, youth and local policies, mental health, child neuropsychiatry and training and, finally, work. At the end of 2022, the beneficiaries understood as those who used the services, one-off or continuously, were almost 10,000. In the field of child and adolescent neuropsychiatry, the cooperative has launched a chain of accredited services intended as hubs of a flexible treatment path centered on the needs of the adolescent and the family. The methods of both residential and semi-residential recovery oriented care which enhance the resources of the adolescent and the family system and the local therapeutic intervention project which considers the living context as a place of treatment are innovative. The “StayTuned” project has systematized the procedures for evaluating the outcomes of therapeutic paths through TCOM – CANS’. The Cooperative has also undertaken four social projects in the province of Bergamo, thanks to the financing of local authorities and foundations operating on the national territory: “Comunità al Centro”, a territorial welfare program aimed at creating a care network in the local community for situations of discomfort and vulnerability; “Crescere Insieme in Valle” a project that involves the creation of aggregation and educational experimentation spaces intended for creative workshops for adults and children; “SBAM!”, a consortium created with the aim of creating new social housing opportunities for people in fragile conditions; “Digeducati”, a project that promotes the use of technology during the learning phases of children and teenagers.

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