Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

Casa dello Studente

Casa dello studente (CdS) was created by a social cooperative and a benefit company, with the aim of providing concrete answers to the need for study and psychological assistance to children and young people throughout all stages of their growth. It offers students and their families an integrated educational and psychological support service through the provision of specialized after-school courses, tutoring in all subjects, personalized work plans, interviews and methodologies for SEN and ADHD. Recently, Casa dello Studente has launched new programs, specifically its summer camp and youth centers, to accompany the growth of different age groups.

In 2019, Casa dello Studente participated in the 4th Call For Impact of Get it! in the areas of Education, Job Opportunities, Female Empowerment and Social and Work Inclusion. After successfully completing a 3-month acceleration path at Make a Cube and mentorship with Massimiliano D’Amico, in 2021 it has benefited by an investment by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, the strategic and operational branch of Fondazione Cariplo in the field of impact investing and promoter of Get it!, in partnership with Cariplo Factory.

From May 2024, Casa dello Studente Social Cooperative can also count on the support of Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore (or “FSVGDA”), which has invested €200,000 in the initiative as part of “Impact4Coop”, the program born from the synergy between FSVGDA and Fondazione Cariplo which provides €2.2 million to contribute to the strengthening of assets and the development of the cooperative sector.


The activity of Casa dello Studente actively contributes to the achievement of SDGs n. 4 and 8, promoting quality education and decent working conditions. The reality declines its intervention, creating integrated projects and services, in four areas: school support, specialized after-school activities, school orientation and school psychology. Casa dello Studente, which has always been committed to identifying solutions to problems related to learning, pays particular attention to students with DSA/BES and ADHD certification through an accurate analysis of the needs of the interested parties, with the aim of offering targeted strategies capable of overcoming everyone’s specific fragilities. In order to support the various types of students, the Cooperative develops personalized teaching plans aimed at stimulating the learning abilities of pupils and ensuring their educational inclusion. Casa dello Studente “method” intends to expand the opportunities for personal fulfillment and growth of students, as factors to combat the phenomena of dispersion and school dropout and to reduce youth unemployment. Furthermore, through its team of psychologists, pedagogists and psychotherapists, the Cooperative offers a series of services dedicated to individuals, public bodies and private bodies. Among these: information reviews aimed at parents and teachers on issues relating to anxiety, school demotivation, bullying and cyberbullying and the dimensions of affectivity and sexuality; thematic workshops for children that take into consideration the emotional-relational aspects; listening desks and clinical consultations with a focus on issues relating to the school sector.

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