Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

Il Ponte

Il Ponte is a social cooperative from Novara founded in 1988. Its activity consists in promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities and in disadvantaged conditions through professional training projects aimed at job placement. The objective is to enable these individuals to acquire skills and manual abilities to develop their potential, enabling them to deal with corporate contexts with greater experience. The proposed activities mainly concern the assembly, wrapping and packaging of products relating to different product sectors in the name of third-party companies, and are carried out in close contact with the Social Services Consortia, the Training and Employment Agencies of the Territory.

Il Ponte is now supported by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore (or “FSVGDA”), which has invested €150,000 in the initiative as part of “Impact4Coop”: the program born from the synergy between FSVGDA and the Fondazione Cariplo which puts 2.2MLN/€ into play to contribute to the capital strengthening and recovery of the cooperative sector, hard hit by the socio-economic effects generated by the pandemic.


The Cooperative actively contributes to the achievement of SDGs n. 1, 5, 8 and n. 17, promoting the fight against poverty and inequalities and promoting dignified working conditions: objectives which it pursues through the inclusion of individuals with mental disabilities, physical disabilities or social fragilities in the world of work. From this perspective, Il Ponte aims to create a totally sustainable social enterprise, in which workers, after being trained, can represent a resource for local companies, starting a virtuous chain that promotes the personal, professional and economic growth of all the actors involved.

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