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Music Innovation Hub

MIH Music Innovation Hub not only represents the first model with a social vocation for the music industry, but it is also one of the first Italian S.p.A. to be given the status of social enterprise. Fruit of the shared vision of BASE Milano (where it is based), Music Management Club and Giordano Dell’Amore Social Venture Foundation, the company aims to increase opportunities for young Italian talent in the field of music, to facilitate music education for new generations, and to contribute to the growth of independent music production by promoting job stability. At the heart of MIH is the belief that music, in all its forms and expressions, is a determining factor for individual well-being and social cohesion. The generation of value with an economic and social impact, internationalization, talent scouting, training, and musical education are therefore the main themes around which Music Innovation Hub’s mission and its main start-up projects revolve:

Futurissima: an independent record label, created to accelerate the path of high-potential artists and to internationalize the best music produced in Italy.

Chorus | Music for Social Change: a training project dedicated to musical schools in Milan and music education throughout Italian.

MusicROOMS: a 500m2 area that is open 24 hours a day at BASE Milano, at the heart of the proposed musical and training initiatives, with workspaces for musicians and music industry workers, in addition to a multifunctional structure that is designed to accommodate formats and presentations, as well as live rehearsal and record production sessions.

Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival, academy, workshop: one of the most important annual events of its kind in Italy – aimed at professionals in the music sector – which includes various ongoing activities throughout the year.

Through its investment of €490,000 in equity in Music Innovation Hub, Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore investing, has started the first trial in Italy of an innovative financing structure called “Impact Grant” which, through the adoption of specific legal and contractual instruments, enables a company that is the beneficiary of an investment to transform part of it into a grant, provided it achieves pre-agreed social impact objectives.


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The Company Social Report is not yet available: however, it aims to increase opportunities in the field of music for Italian talents, to facilitate musical education among the younger generations and to contribute to the growth of independent music production.
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