Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore


Pandora is a social cooperative, founded in 2012 in Baranzate (MI) and moved to Milan (MI) in 2018, which works to promote the reintegration into work of disadvantaged individuals, in particular prisoners and ex-prisoners or subjects coming from recovery programs from addictions. Its activity focuses mainly on the provision of cleaning and packaging services, carried out in spaces assigned under management and/or concession. To date, the Cooperative has activated a collaboration within the Monza Prison for the assembly of stationery items. In 2022, Pandora acquired Streeteat, a start-up specialized in food experiences through the offering of 2 types of services: Hom – a mobile kitchen designed for street-food – and Delò – a physical locker that can be installed in the companies to which it is supplied associated with a delivery service for ready meals that can be ordered via mobile app. Through Streeteat the cooperative intends to innovate the offer of services in the catering sector and at the same time strengthen the channels for the inclusion of people in fragile conditions.

Pandora is now supported by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore (or “FSVGDA”), which has invested €100,000 in the initiative as part of “Impact4Coop”: the program born from the synergy between FSVGDA and Fondazione Cariplo puts field 2.2MLN/€ to contribute to the capital strengthening and recovery of the cooperative sector, hard hit by the socio-economic effects generated by the pandemic.


Pandora actively contributes to the achievement of SDGs n. 1, 5, 8 and 10, promoting the fight against poverty and inequalities and promoting dignified working conditions: objectives that it pursues through the inclusion of people with drug addictions or gambling addictions in the world of work. Furthermore, Pandora, as a Coop. social type B, has activated some agreements pursuant to Article 14 of the Biagi Law (L.30/2003), which allows companies to entrust cooperatives with a work order employing people belonging to protected categories. Generally, during the job placement process, the subjects are supported directly by the cooperative’s staff, who are in constant contact with the operators of the bodies responsible for their recovery (SMI, SERT, NOA, CTS, UEPE). It has been found that, in the cases of subjects subjected to detention, the insertion paths also make it possible to have a positive impact on the recidivism rate, which is between 70% and 90% if the recovery phase takes place in structures outside the prisons, compared to 10% if it occurs in prison. Over the years, Pandora has created and consolidated networks throughout the country with other cooperatives and associations that support people in difficulty, continuing to enhance the social and relational aspect. To date, Pandora has just under 100 employees, of which 70% are disadvantaged people with a turnover of approximately 10%.

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