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Gli investimenti della Fondazione Social Venture


Pandora is a social cooperative, founded in 2012 in Baranzate (MI) and moved to Milan (MI) in 2018, which works to promote the reintegration into work of disadvantaged individuals, in particular prisoners and ex-prisoners or subjects coming from recovery programs from addictions. Its activity focuses mainly on the provision of cleaning and packaging services, carried out in …

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La Fabbrica di Olinda

La Fabbrica di Olinda is a social cooperative, founded in 1998 in Milan, protagonist of the overcoming and conversion of the former Paolo Pini Psychiatric Hospital from a place of extreme exclusion to a place of inclusion, sociability and culture. Olinda promotes job placement projects dedicated to people with mental health problems and vulnerable young people. …

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Colline e Oltre

Colline e Oltre is a company committed to the promotion and valorisation of the Oltrepò Pavese: a hilly area, located in the south-western portion of Lombardy, of which it geographically occupies the southern band between Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. How important the food and beverage sector is for this area of ​​Northern Italy is well highlighted …

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Archeologistics is a company that has been operating for over ten years in the cultural field through research, education and planning activities aimed at the recovery and opening of “minor” places of culture. The company, through the “Valori Verdi” entrepreneurial project, led by the Pineta Park of Appiano Gentile and Tradate, intends to contribute to …

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Il Ponte

Il Ponte is a social cooperative from Novara founded in 1988. Its activity consists in promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities and in disadvantaged conditions through professional training projects aimed at job placement. The objective is to enable these individuals to acquire skills and manual abilities to develop their potential, enabling them to …

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AEPER (Animation, Education, Prevention and Reintegration) is a social cooperative founded in Bergamo in 1986. Its primary aim is to provide hospitality to people in conditions of hardship and marginalization, through educational, cultural and health activities aimed at rehabilitation and social reintegration and work of individuals in fragile situations. The cooperative is part of the …

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Auxilium is a social cooperative founded in 2019 and active in the Como area with headquarters in Tremezzina (CO). It is involved in the management of various activities – social agriculture, greenery maintenance and posting services – aimed at the employment of vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals (immigrants, individuals with disabilities, mental disorders or admitted to alternative measures to …

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Sapori di Libertà

Sapori di Libertà was born in Mantua in 2016, initially as a social project of the Libra Onlus Association, and then set up in July 2022 as a type B Social Cooperative, finalizing a joint-venture with Mantova Pane. It is engaged in the training and social-work reintegration of prisoners through the proposal of bread-making activities carried …

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WAY Experience

Way Experience S.r.l. is a start-up born in 2019, which operates in the tourism and cultural sector with the aim of conceiving, implementing and disseminating digital projects for the public, through the use of augmented reality technology. The company’s mission is to innovate the traditional approach to museum visits in art cities, through the proposal …

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