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Artonauti is an editorial project born in 2016 and launched in March 2019. The company is mainly engaged in the dissemination of the figurative arts for children aged between 6 and 11, in particular through the creation of albums for the collection of stickers relating to the world of art, as well as books and educational tools – analogue and digital – aimed at families, teachers and educators. The offer of edutainment products created by Artonauti was created to innovate the didactic approach to art and increase knowledge of the works at an iconographic and informative level in a transgenerational way, social relationships and the perception of art as a daily activity within the reach of all, proposing itself as a potential tool for cognitive enhancement and rehabilitation, even for the elderly and people with learning disabilities.

Artonauti is now supported by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore (or “FSVGDA”), which has invested in the S.r.l. Benefit Company €200,000 in equity. The investment was made as part of “Impact4Art”, a 1MLN/€ “impact” program to support the recovery of the Art and Culture sector, launched at the beginning of 2021 by FSVGDA in synergy with Fondazione Cariplo.


Artonauti considers art as an essential tool for the educational, expressive and creative development of children. With this in mind, through play, the company intends both to bring families, children and the elderly closer to art, and to support teachers and educators in teaching, innovating the traditional approach to the subject in schools. The Artonauti albums collect the many years of experience of teachers, neuropsychiatrists and learning specialists; for this reason many teachers use the album as a real teaching tool. Following the launch of the first album, the company was contacted by educators, psychotherapists and rehabilitation experts who report the usefulness of Artonauti’s album also as a tool for cognitive enhancement and rehabilitation, as well as therapeutic. The company has supported these initiatives by sending free albums and stickers and is studying this new trend of institutional development linked to the macro-theme of the relationship between art and health. In particular, Artonauti involved a group of elderly people in collecting stickers in a nursing home and used the collection of cards in a rehabilitation program for young people with learning disabilities and motor coordination difficulties.
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