Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

Istituto De Filippi

The Istituto De Filippi, which was set up in May 2020 on the initiative of the Collegio De Filippi – a private hotel school that has been in operation in Varese since 1986 – has launched a new training plan with a high social impact. The aim is to integrate the traditional scholastic education it offers with the proposal of extracurricular professional courses and advisory services, by way of a sustainable and inclusive business model that aims to provide over €2 million in scholarships for deserving students over the next four years, reserving particular attention for those who have lost jobs or who have cognitive disabilities. A further strategic aspect of the effectiveness of the Institute’s initiative lies in the activities that are dedicated to the continuous training of professionals, which enables it to attract interest from the market and to thus be a driver of its own growth.

Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore has invested €243,750 in Pro Form, a holding with a majority stake in the Talent Euveca Fund of AVM Gestioni.


The primary goal of the De Filippi Institute is to generate a relevant social impact over the next four years: through targeted partnerships with companies in the sector, it aims to facilitate the reintegration of vulnerable people into the workplace. Specifically, it aims to provide over €2 million in scholarships in favor of deserving students without financial means, rewarding the best students from medium-low-income families and supporting the participation of people with cognitive disabilities, both in continuing education and in part-time employment, thanks to work placements through the school. In addition, alongside its inclusive training, it aims to develop the theme of food waste and re-use, both by offering meals and food to non-profit associations, and by supporting applied research and development projects carried out in apprenticeships.
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