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Kalatà is a cultural enterprise which is revolutionizing the traditional models of enhancement and use of the Italian cultural heritage, changing the perspective with which visitors approach the discovery of artistic and architectural works. Set up in 2001 as a sole proprietorship, it became a cooperative in 2014 gaining the status of social enterprise, and today it is among the first Italian companies to focus on technology and innovation in the sector of cultural heritage and activities. Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, as advisor and impact investor, has invested €200,000 to support the social and cultural impact of the initiative.

Kalatà promotes cultural initiatives that are directly conceived and self-financed, or on behalf of public entities and private institutions, that usually include museums, monuments, festivals, concerts, theater performances, libraries, and exhibitions. Through its “Opera” model, Kalatà makes an investment in a cultural asset, with the aim of proposing a “new” way to visit it that it then manages exclusively for the duration of the agreement (5-8 years) stipulated with the owner/asset manager – who receives a share of the proceeds. The aim is to offer the visitor a unique experience inside the artwork. For example, in the “Magnificat” project, Kalatà invested in the safety of the dome of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte (CN) and subsequently created a guided “acrobatic” tour to lead visitors through 266 steps, 6,000 sq.m. of baroque frescoes, at a height of almost 80 m.

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The projects to enhance the artworks generate a positive impact in terms of the preservation of artistic heritage and the development of the supply chain, having an effect on the creation of new jobs. Furthermore, Kalatà usually reaches an audience that is not very interested or not involved in the traditional way of experiencing cultural heritage and activities. The tours proposed by the company are unprecedented and inclusive: they are designed to allow universal access to cultural sites, with no barriers to entry. Keeping in mind the physical, motor, and intellectual disabilities of some visitors, it offers special tours in which the didactic element is emphasized using simplified logical and linguistic canons. In addition, there are some access times available either for free or at vastly reduced rates which are reserved for target groups with serious economic difficulties. In addition, Kalatà more often than not uses the proceeds to support local entities from the Third Sector that have been identified together with partners active in the local area.
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