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Kazaam Lab

Kazaam Lab is a start-up that has launched Kazaam eHealth Platform: a digital platform based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence that intends to support professionals in the healthcare sector during the decision-making process. Kazaam eHealth responds to the need to adapt therapies to the specificities of individuals, filling the current “gap” between the amount of medical and biological data currently available and the value that can be obtained from them. Kazaam eHealth wants to introduce molecular network analysis on a large scale, also including functionality for integration and analysis of stem cell data. The aim is to provide automatic support in deciding which therapies may be more effective and have fewer side effects, depending on the different categories of patients. To do this, the platform brings together information that comes from clinical trials of patients and billions of other data, produced daily in laboratories distributed around the world. Through differentiated software services available on the cloud, Kazaam Lab can thus meet the needs of various categories of end users, such as clinical institutes, pharmaceutical companies and clinical analysis laboratories.

In 2020 Kazaam Lab completed the acceleration program offered by Get it! and a mentorship path with Luigi Parlangeli. During the Investor Day promoted by Get it! the start-up recived an equity investment of 50,000 euros by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, strategic and operational arm of the Fondazione Cariplo in the impact investing sector.


Precision medicine was introduced in 2015 to revolutionize the model of traditional medicine by adapting therapies and medicines to the individual characteristics of patients. To date, however, it is applied almost exclusively in the oncology field, where the pathologies are better characterized. Being able to apply precision medicine to other diseases (eg, cardiovascular, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis) would make it possible to improve / save the lives of over 500 million people worldwide. For this reason, large companies / organizations organize initiatives at a global level to speed up their diffusion, with a turnaround of several billion euros.
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