Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

La Fabbrica di Olinda

La Fabbrica di Olinda is a social cooperative, founded in 1998 in Milan, protagonist of the overcoming and conversion of the former Paolo Pini Psychiatric Hospital from a place of extreme exclusion to a place of inclusion, sociability and culture. Olinda promotes job placement projects dedicated to people with mental health problems and vulnerable young people. Today, the Cooperative manages a series of catering and hotel hospitality activities, 3 restaurants, a bistro and a hostel: Jodok, Mosso, BistrŌlinda at the Elfo Puccini Theater and OstellOlinda in Milan and “Fiore – Cucina in Libertà” in Lecco.

La Fabbrica di Olinda is now supported by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore (or “FSVGDA”), which has invested €150,000 in the initiative as part of “Impact4Coop”: the program born from the synergy between FSVGDA and Fondazione Cariplo is providing 2.2MLN/€ to contribute to the capital strengthening and recovery of the cooperative sector, hit hard by the socio-economic effects generated by the pandemic.


The various activities carried out by the Cooperative have in common the objective of offering training, sharing and work opportunities to individuals with mental health problems, young people with fragility and people with disabilities. Working, living and socialising, in fact, are the three cornerstones identified by the Cooperative to support disadvantaged people in starting an autonomous and independent life. La Fabbrica di Olinda offers internships for job placement and training internships for young people coming from degree courses in educational sciences, professional education and pedagogical sciences. The projects for each intern focus on human relationships, on the construction of the non-judgmental educational relationship, on the biographical reconstruction of the cases, on the construction and experimentation of the educational project and on the closure of the educational relationship (in 2022 the Cooperative created 9 training internship courses).

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