Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

Plasma TechMED

Plasma TechMED is an italian start-up born in 2021, which is powered by the ten-year experience of researchers from the RFX Consortium and the University of Padua, with the aim of making innovative devices based on “cold” plasma technology available in the biomedical sector: an emerging science that, through the use of different techniques, exploits the beneficial effects of exposure of living matter to an ionized gas (plasma) at room temperature, created from an inert neutral gas (helium, argon, air , etc.). In recent years, several international research groups have demonstrated the multiple therapeutic effects related to plasma, such as disinfection (inactivation of viruses, fungi and bacteria), healing and cell regeneration, local acceleration of blood coagulation and selective removal of cancer cells.

In 2020 Plasma TechMED participated in the Call For Impact of Get it !. After completing an acceleration path with Oltre Innovation Hub and mentorship with Francesco Salvatore and Massimiliano D’Amico, it is among the first start-ups to be awarded by the Investor Day of Get it! with an investment of 25,000€ from Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, the strategic and operational arm of the Cariplo Foundation in the context of impact investing and promoter of the program, in partnership with Cariplo Factory.


The potential impact of the devices that Plasma TechMED wants to bring to the market is significant as the treatment of numerous diseases could benefit from them in terms of cost reduction and ease of application. The administration of the treatments, in fact, takes place painlessly in a few tens of seconds and without any side effect for the patient’s health.
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