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PRISM S.r.l. Benefit Company is an ethical and sustainable fashion company born in Milan, specialized in the creation of clothing items that intend to pay homage to the multiculturalism of the various countries of the world through a design inspired by the made in Italy. The company’s production chain is based on a network of social tailors, which offer professional training and job placement opportunities to: foreign women in fragile conditions, migrants, people with mental or physical disabilities and prisoners. The activity promoted by PRISM enhances the personal growth of the beneficiaries of the projects, offering them not only a job opportunity, as a source of economic livelihood, but also the possibility of integrating into the social fabric of the context to which they belong. In particular, through the collaboration with the social cooperative “Il Filo Colore”, PRISM has managed to integrate 17 people from 12 different nationalities into the workplace.

In 2021 MAFRIC-ModaAFRIcaCraft participated in the Call For Impact of Get it! and after completing an acceleration path offered by the program, on 14 October 2022 it was selected as “Best Start-up For Impact” at the Investor Day of Get it!, benefiting from an investment of 25,000€ from Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, promoter of the program in partnership with Cariplo Factory.


The company’s goal is to combine quality tailoring with a profound social commitment, also carrying forward a message of diversity and multiculturality. Each garment intends to be the final result of an ethical, sustainable production chain, capable of generating value and having a strong social impact. The production is entirely handmade and all the garments and accessories are made using recycled fabrics, after a careful study of the materials and patterns to be used. The production is mainly based in the Milan area, in a network of social tailors, where within an intercultural context, individuals in situations of economic, personal and family fragility find employment and a new opportunity for emancipation. Thanks to the recycling of materials and upcycling processes, the brand is able to minimize the production of waste, establishing a virtuous circle that supports the environment and the circular economy, also through collaboration with local years engaged in the recycling sector. With its activity, PRISM aims to create a real fashion manufacturing center in Italy which, inspired by the principles of Social Responsibility, is capable of generating cultural inclusion and environmental sustainability. PRISM aims to disseminate the value of multiculturalism through fashion: the garments created, in fact, tell a journey around the world which, from collection to collection, allows you to discover different countries and cultures. A journey that for the public is both visual, through the style and colors, and physical, since the garments are made by the hands of the migrants who actually made the journey.

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