Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

Sapori di Libertà

Sapori di Libertà was born in Mantua in 2016, initially as a social project of the Libra Onlus Association, and then set up in July 2022 as a type B Social Cooperative, finalizing a joint-venture with Mantova Pane. It is engaged in the training and social-work reintegration of prisoners through the proposal of bread-making activities carried out within the prison of Mantua and at the production site of Levata di Curtatone (MN). In fact, the Cooperative involves prisoners in a process of empowerment aimed at concretely repairing the damage, employing them in a laboratory for the production of bread and other baked goods (pizzas, focaccias, bread sticks and sweets) destined for schoolcompany canteens and communities of the territory. Through its work, Sapori di Libertà plays an active role in prison economy circuits, promoting ethical consumption in the chain of large-scale distribution and organized catering.

In 2022, Sapori di Libertà took part in the Get it! Call for «Progetto ECO: Economia di Comunità». After completing an incubation, acceleration and mentorship process, it was awarded as “Best Start-up For Impact” at the Investor Day of Get it! for Progetto ECO with an investment to support its growth of €100,000 by Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, the strategic and operational arm of Fondazione Cariplo in the field of impact investing and promoter of the programme, in partnership with Cariplo Factory.


The Cooperative is committed on a daily basis to promoting professional training and promoting the social and work inclusion of prisoners. The objective pursued is to make the offender responsible, supporting him in a rehabilitation process aimed at repairing the rift created with the community. Sapori di Libertà aims to be a concrete support tool for prison treatment and an opportunity for professional qualification and paid work for the inmates of the prison of Mantua and those on alternative measures in charge of the local External Criminal Execution Office. The provision of professional training courses in the field of bread-making and food production provides inmates with skills that can be used both inside the prison (during the sentence) and outside during the phase of reintegration into society (end of sentence). Sapori di Libertà impacts over 10 prisoners each year and their families; 20% of the profits are directly reinvested in initiatives in support of crime victims, furthermore the short chain production allows an enhancement of the Mantuan agricultural heritage (“Mantograno”) generating a net reduction of harmful emissions.

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